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24 March 2013 Fashion news: Week 1

There is so much going on in the fashion world, every single day! Whether it's to do with designer collaborations, new magazine covers, catwalk trends, interviews, etc it never stops! I have decided to do a little segment where each week I will wrap up the latest fashion news for you, right here right now; from Australia and world wide.

1. Candice Swanepoel kisses the 90's time period on Vogue Spain, styled with midriff baring fashion and natural hair and makeup.

2. Meghan Collison stars in the new ACNE SS2013 campaign, shot by Vivane Sassen.

3. Kate Moss stars in a campaign for the new motor cycle company Matchless, from the UK, shot by Terry Richardson

4. Bassike release their pre-fall collection (which I have done a blog post on, below!) Designers Mary-Lou Ryan and Deborah Sams deliver a lot of leather, and cotton sports inspired wear with a minimal colour palette.

Modern simplicity: Bassike pre-collection 2013

So that's the big fashion news this week! Let me know if I should continue these posts!


  1. I don't usually like Candice that much but she looks absolutely amazing there!
    Lucia x

  2. love the first cover so much - love the 90s throwback. and is kate moss not aging at all or what??


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