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14 August 2015 BRB!

Uh Oh. It's been a while since I've blogged...and I miss it! Between completing my HSC, Dalliance Magazine and work, this blog has really taken a back-burner. Definitely stay tuned though...Europe trips and countless summer road trips are in the very near future. Which of course, will make an appearance on this blog. 

I'll be back soon, I promise. 

In the meantime, get yourself a pair of snakeskin boots stat, and listen to the following songs (you are welcome):

Stay by Jackson Browne
Take A Card by The Preatures
U R A Fever by The Kills

2 May 2015 photographer: Marcus Cooper

Taylor Vasi 4.jpg
IMG_3010 (1).jpg

Photographer Marcus Cooper, proves that rock n roll lives on. 

See more of his work here:

29 April 2015 Photographer: Chad Moore

 New York based, Chad Moore has taken it upon himself to endure extremely difficult and pain-staking task of photographing NYC's coolest kids, whilst out on adventures. Tilda Lindstam, Julia Cummings, Matt Hitt...he's captured them all.

What a hard life. 

I spent the last few hours of my Sunday last week exploring his website, and various photographic series (each named after a naturally I also spent even more time listening to each song) where he perfectly captures the downtown scene of New York, passionate, young love and wild nights out...after all, that's what youth is all about right?

See more of his photographic work here:

4 April 2015 Enchanting

Images: pinterest | hedislimane diary | i-D Magazine

'You weren't just a star to me. You were my whole damn sky.'

30 March 2015 restlessness

Images: pinterest | hedi slimane diary | i-D Magazine

Kind of a dark post today-went a little heavy on the black and white, hey?! It's matching my mood, mood, moooood. Spending my time listening to Blood Orange, reading youth-orientated i-D Magazine articles and counting down the days until I get myself to Berlin stat! I am so restless. I just need to get out.