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24 July 2013 fringe

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22 July 2013 dreaded

Going through a lot of tests at school this term which is not exactly exciting.

Made a new styling blog/portfolio which you can check out here
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20 July 2013 stones and other pretty things

Pictures from wolfcubchronicles blog, pinterest and tumblr

Yes I am fully aware that this post was showing signs of a fashion schizophrenic, one picture showing a precisely cut jewelry piece, with a nice clean background then the following is a super bohemian stone set jumble of rings, necklaces, etc. But despite my inner undecided bohemian/classic jewelry debate one thing is certain-I am obsessed with ear cuffs (Ryan Storer to be precise, but without the price tag!), stone set rings (the Yves Saint Laurent gauche ring has caused that!) and dainty necklaces and bracelets. I haven't been a huge jewelry person up until recently when a.) I was assisting a fashion shoot (more on that later!) and I got to unpack all the AMAZING Petite-Grande pieces and let's just say it was love at first sight and b.) when I looked through the 2Bandits new look book. 

So that you know exactly what I am loving in the land of fine jewels, chunky jewels, etc etc what pieces are YOU lusting after?

Also, Luce Ferguson (Sister of the fashion phenomenon Elle Ferguson) did a Day in the Life article for Dalliance Magazine. She is the talent behind the fine jeweler online shop babyanything. Shop her line here and see the article here