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29 April 2014 my calvins

You know that an ad campaign has been successful if it not only makes you want to own the product it's selling but also makes you to want to actually become the person portrayed in the images. 

Calvin Klein has this influence on me.

Not only am I ridiculously in love with Calvin Klein underwear after seeing it all over my Instagram feed for the digitial 'My Calvins' campaign; but I'm also obsessing over the image that Calvin Klein portrays in these campaigns. I don't know about you, but I'm more than happy to pay $60 for underwear if it means I'll become somewhat like the 'Calvin Klein Girl' that Lara, Abbey, Christy and Bambi all nail so damn well. 

28 April 2014 profiling, profiler

Pictures: wolfcubchronicles | pinterest 

Quick little post to get me through the first day of school being back. Joy. 

Can't wait until I am finisssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheddddddd!

And in the meantime, I'm off to make apple & cinnamon scrolls. 

25 April 2014 in the trenches

Apart from the little black dress, the trench coat is renowned as one of those item that everyone needs in their wardrobe.  A little bit mysterious, a little preppy and very British; channel England's It Girls, like Suki Waterhouse and Alexa Chung with a knee-scrapping, double breasted trench (tousled fringe optional).  

23 April 2014 april loves

Images from: youarenotilona, pinterest, crystallography

Currently loving: 

Blog:, records the styling endeavors of New York based, Australian stylist Ilona Hamer; plus includes profiles of friends such as Alexandra Spencer and Phoebe Tonkin. It's the perfect insight into her fashionable life; filled with models, designer labels and killer photography. 


Ever since Behati walked out in that baby blue jumpsuit at the Alexander Wang S/S 2014 show, the three button trend has been all over my Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram feed. 


Maison D'Amore is a new Australian luxury candle label; created by Hayley Bonham and Nadia Rose. Reminding me of the coveted Diptyque candles; the line sells two Him/Her candles, in scents 'Fleur & Rhubarbe' and 'Feulle De Tebac'. Not to mention their editorial campaign; which I'm completely in love with. But that's a story for another time....

16 April 2014 ....

Images from: wolfcubchronicles and pinterest
Currently obsessing over the OC (just watched 2 seasons in 3 personal best for sure!) & Suki Waterhouse.

Oh and I bought some thigh high boots which I am excited to shoot.