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23 February 2014 .

Short little post today, with creamy colours, cozy textures and black and white.

21 February 2014 unrequited

Proud to say I just booked some Kanye West tickets! After being extremely disappointed that I missed Eminem (I seriously have deep [unrequited]  love for that man, after watching 8 Mile!) I made sure I would be going to Kanye no matter what. 

Who is jealous? 

Definitely not my parents, who seem to only really like Robbie Williams and Bruce Sprinsteen. But whatever. The thirty year age gap is present at times like this. 

I'm currently listening to some Knife Party, having THE most dull weekend any one could think of. School work and work-work. I am watching some Criminal Minds at the moment which elevates the shittiness of it, but still. Party hard. Hope you are all having an amazing weekend! 

Think of me, as I sit in bed, avoiding sunlight as I tackle business reports and source analysis. 

Who is jealous?

Didn't think so. 

19 February 2014 sooooooth

Get a fresh blow dry, a foot spa treatment, a new candle...whatever it is make sure to treat yourself frequently! Between work, education, family, social, financial and well being demands sometimes a life of enjoyment and pleasure gets pushed to the side.

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17 February 2014 gleam in the eyes

Umm, hello? 

Anja? Can I please be you?

Seriously...after the Anthony Vacarello slashed white satin dress, her Vogue Paris June 2013 editorial and her magazine '25 magazine' there is seriously no one who dresses as well/shoots as well/works as hard as Ms Rubik.  Normally I would avoid glitzy dresses...I'm more of a suede, satin and leather kinda girl, avoiding sparkles when I can to avoid looking like a 13 year old at some school disco. 

All I know is that a.) I would trade lives with Anja in a flash and b.) I need a spray tan and blonde highlights stat!