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30 April 2013 alexander mcqueen s/s 2012

I remember looking at this collection when it was presented at Fashion Week a little while, and just thinking how magnificant it was. I love couture that reminds me of mermaids, and majestic sea creatures and this did just that for me! 
Tim Blanks (Reporter for quotes about the collection:

'Different  kind of underwater magic'

'She [Sarah Burton] based her collection on the three G's: Gres for the pleating and draping, Gaudi for the architecture and Gaia for the sense of all encompassing oceanic life that infused the clothes, like the outfits composed of coral or shells.'

'As translucent as the inside of a shell' (about the colour palette)'

29 April 2013 style icon: jane birkin

Jane Birkin style file


Jane Birkin photographed by Alex Chatelain for Vogue Paris, 1970

The Knack…and How to Get It


Jane Birkin is one of my biggest style influences and icons. She is an english actress who lived in the south of France (doesn't that sound ideal?)
Think loose t-shirts, silk blouses, crotchet dresses, peasant styled tops, delicate chains and distressed denim.

Some of my favourite quotes from her:

My mother was right; When you've got nothing left all you can do is get silk underwear and start reading Proust.

28 April 2013 a trip down editorial lane: gisele bundchen Vogue Paris 2011

It's adventure time for Gisele Bundchen in Vogue Paris 2011. 
Doesn't the draped white fabrics, and cozy knits remind you of a pirate? Loving the determined and purpose she is showing through her poses, and the overcast, but stunning location!

26 April 2013 kitty cat

Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald 7
Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald 1
Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald 2
Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald 6
Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald 8
Catherine McNeil by Christian MacDonald 9
Cat McNeil by Christian MacDonald
Via Studded Hearts

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