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13 February 2015 envision

 A life of dreaming. 

7 February 2015 band love: the kills

Jamie Hince (one of my style icons) and Alison Mossheart make up 'The Kills', my favourite band at the moment. 

3 February 2015 my styling: giggle & pop

Can't believe I have been so late in uploading this! 

Styled this shoot in December for the Jan/Feb issue of my magazine 'DALLIANCE' (which can be read online here:

It was such a fun day, and I loved working alongside the models Mali (one of the coolest girls I've met) and Kimberly (who is currently in New York about to conquer the modelling world!); makeup artist Florentina (such a sweetheart), photographer Pia and my good friend Danielle who helps out on all the shoots (if you are reading this THANK YOU). 

I've styled about 5 shoots all up for Dalliance Magazine, and I definitely have a long way to go in terms of improving, but each shoot is getting better in my opinion. I am so proud of putting together this shoot (including clothes, location and sourcing the team) all by myself. 

Here's to many more collaborations!

1 February 2015 boyd

Favourite male model/actress of the moment: Boyd Holbrook