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29 September 2013 soldier on

Hey there! Sorry I haven't been posting on hereas often, although I am on holidays I have actually found myself busier than ever! Between trying to scrape together enough pages for Dalliance Magazine's October Issue before the dead line; pulling clothes for 2 upcoming editorials, blogging and meeting friends. Oh and I am really going to try and get into shape for summer!! I have just gotten sent some Triangl Swimwear for an upcoming shoot and I reaaallly want to buy a pair for myself!! So add trying to earn more money + working out to my list of things to do.Whoever said holidays were meant for relaxing? 

Anyways I am one of those weird people who actually love to keep busy! So I must power ahead...and I'll just have to watch that movie another time ;)


27 September 2013 milestones

Had my first ever all-nighter last night (I know, I know! I'm kinda late onto the bandwagon but I seriously need my beauty sleep otherwise I turn into a little devil). Anyways I had such a great night with my closest friends celebrating my birthday which was a few days ago; and it really made me appreciate how lucky I am too have such great people in my life.

Anyways before this post gets too sappy just wanted to share with you that little milestone I made. I feel like now I am 16, it will be the year of milestones. I'm going to my first concert in November (MR WORLDWIDEEEE!! Guess which one?) and I want to check a few more things off my bucket list like:
-Go Sky-Diving
-Travel the world by myself (check, check! Tickets booked for Europe!)
-Watch Dalliance Magazine grow
-Attend a fashion show

What are some things you want to achieve at the age you are at?