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6 September 2013 f u r

Although summer is approaching, fur coats have been on my mind after slightly stressing about my Europe December trip attire. Although I am not sure the logistics of how fur coats are made, as I have never really researched into it, if it's as horrific as the stories say than I think I will just stick to faux. 

Regardless of real of faux, fur coats have the ability to make anyone of any age instantly chic. it's the perfect winter outfit because it gives warmth without the unnecessary layering. If I did own a fur coat (preferably in black), my dream outfit with it would consist of the Balenciaga Buckle Strap Ankle Boots; black skinny jeans and a Saint Laurent black fedora-easy peasy!


  1. so glad i stocked up on some great fur jackets this winter!


  2. I'm obsessed with fur. I bought a real fox tail scarf last year and I love it, can't wait to be super warm and cosey this winter!

  3. I'm constantly searching for a perfect black or grey faux fur coat! If you find a nice one let me know...especially since it's approaching winter where I live!


  4. i wish it was cold where i live so i could wear fur coats, aah! i love the one/colours candice is wearing, so gorgeous! x

  5. I love Kate Moss, she is an incredible sense of style! And i desperately want a fur coat! xx Maylis


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