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30 March 2015 restlessness

Images: pinterest | hedi slimane diary | i-D Magazine

Kind of a dark post today-went a little heavy on the black and white, hey?! It's matching my mood, mood, moooood. Spending my time listening to Blood Orange, reading youth-orientated i-D Magazine articles and counting down the days until I get myself to Berlin stat! I am so restless. I just need to get out. 

28 March 2015 Shoes, shoes, shoes!

Clockwise: camel boots by Louis Vuitton; fur boots by Isabel Marant; printed heels by N 21; boots by Miu Miu; buckle heels by Giuseppe Zanotti; snaffle boots by Gucci; lace-ups by Altuzarra. 

Photography by: Joseph Molines

In case it isn't already in your bookmarks, Self-Service Magazine has an ongoing feature on their website, where their current fashion 'obsession' pieces are uploaded daily. After going through pages and pages of these pieces, I curated my favourite must-have shoes for you all. I'm definitely a uniform'll usually find me in black skinny jeans, dad's jacket of some sort and black boots. However, I would like to think that in a perfect world, I'd dress similarly (black on black) with a killer statement pair of shoes, that are unique and interesting. 

26 March 2015 born to die

Images: Lack of Colour | | hedi slimane diary

In a lonely mood, so I've been reading Lana Del Rey lyrics all afternoon and writing them in my diary...they really seem to be matching my mood tonight.

23 March 2015 no thank you

Images: pinterest | hedislimanediary |

I recently read this little expert in Russh Magazine, that's now pinned on my inspiration board as a daily reminder highlighting the excitement of life: 

Here's to saying no to a normal life. Being ambiguous, wearing a man's jacket, living in Paris, going to nightclubs every evening besides Saturday's, platinum hair, having no real interest in fashion and replying 'nothing' when asked what we do. 'The French were square, but we were not,' said 70s icon Betty Catroux, referring to her pal Yves Saint Laurent. 'Yves picked me up in a nightclub...after that we only lived for fun, two of us, against the world'. 

Doesn't that sound absolutely ideal? 

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