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28 February 2013 balenciwanga

Pictures from hanaleireponty and crystallography blogs

How proud are you guys of Alexander Wang? His own collection featured his edgy street-style comfort he is known for; and the theme for the show was a 'boxing ring'. 

Last year he was appointed as the new Balenciaga creative direector; and many eagerly awaited for the fall 2013-2014 collection; either doubting him or having full faith of him. 

I am so proud of what he produced for Balenciaga; with marbled textures matching the floor; cocoon coats, jackets with rounded features, petal skirts; over all an extremely refined look, which the historic house is known for. 

What did you think of his collection? See the whole collection here

26 February 2013 breathe

Yoga and meditation are the perfect way to calm the mind. Switch off all technologies, read a good book, and get yourself a pair of distressed denim shorts, that can get worn and torn as the days go by. 

I recently started yoga last year and I love it! If you are seeking flexibility, strength or even just a calmer mind enrol in a class; or you can even find a youtube yoga video online (check out Tara Stiles!)

 Some of you who follow me on tumblr will also know how passionate I am about health and nutrition. You will be amazed at how much of a difference your inner and outer self will feel with a few nutritious meals, instead of unhealthy fried/creamy/sugary meals. Make the switch (even if it's just for a few days!) and give your body the nourishment it deserves. 

25 February 2013 model files: yumi lambert

Yumi Lambert. Her unique look, and doll face features are so captivating. She is of Japanese-European Ethnicity; is 5'10, and is from Belgium. She is currently on the Chanel campaign, and is Karl Lagerfeld's new 'muse'.

22 February 2013 horses and mossy

marant subdue

Bambi Northwood Blythe, Isabel Marant, and old Audrey Hepburn movies. Free spirited, fun and young. 

20 February 2013 model files: valentina ruby

Gorgeous Valentina Ruby. Her passions include yoga, and she is an avid raw food vegan! She has just flown off to Paris to walk in Balenciaga!

She has modelled for Harper's Bazaar, Oyster Magazine and is signed with Chic Management. 

You can check out her blog here

P. S This is a new series on my blog called 'Model Files'. Basically I have queued about 10 different posts with all my favourite models!
Stay Tuned!