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30 June 2014 white towel sanctuary


Images apart of White Towel Series shot by Mario Testino (except coloured photo which was shot by Helmut Newton)

There is nothing quite as luxurious as white, fluffy towels and terry cloth robes, am I right? They lead me to think about awaiting bath times at the Ritz hotel, bright against well-earned tans, sipping champagne and listening to Birkin & Gainsbourg's love duos. 

In other words, unless you are apart of the minority who can afford to sleep in the Ritz Hotel, white towels are the next best thing. 

28 June 2014 from catwalks to streets

Kate Moss & Street Art go hand in hand...grungy and gritty, I'm all for arty graffiti. 

Probably why I was so obsessed with's covered in colourful, indie artworks all over the city's buildings! 

26 June 2014 jerry hall

Instantly recognisable, with her arched brows and mane of golden blonde hair, she's granted bombshell status at first sight.  

Jerry Hall. 

She's the kind of woman who would have you up all night, attentively listening to her devilishly exciting life stories; whilst you secretly regret your straight-from-University-to-work life that most indeed live. 

Scouted whilst sunbathing in St Tropez, it's probably the most glamorous model scout story out there. The tale doesn't end there, with Jerry Hall getting up to god-knows-what whilst immersing herself in Parisian nightlife; living in New York City with fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and then of course falling for Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. 

The life, the life. 

Images from pinterest 

friendly reminder


Just a reminder to always, always, ALWAYS treat others with respect and kindness, no matter what your circumstances are.

At the end of the day, being a good person if probably the best thing you can ever be.

Pictures from: Dalliance Magazine | SRC783 | oraclefox | pinterest

24 June 2014 elite

Images from: pinterest | wolfcubchronicles

Ugh. I couldn't even IMAGINE having dinner with Rihanna and Kate Moss. 
Wouldn't that be something else. 

23 June 2014 vast

 Images from : russhmagazine | youarenotilona | pinterest | wolfcubchronicles 

First days of holidays have consisted of PR meetings, styling for Dalliance Magazine and running around the city for a various assortment of errands. Can't wait for Wednesday, my first proper day of relaxation. 

Work hard, play hard.

P.S How cool is Neus Bermejo's finger tattoo? Never really saw the appeal before, but now I'm definitely considering it!