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29 January 2013 grey fades to white

Grey hair isn't a sign of old age any more. Silver locks plus the 90's rock era go hand in hand together, listening to Nirvana's 'Smell's like Teen Spirit' and going on adventures. 

I am really starting to love doing these inspiration posts, where I pull together all my favourite pictures suited to a theme. 

Do you like these sorts of posts?

26 January 2013 the past

A few pictures making me wish I lived in the past, where everything was just so different. 
With the help of vintage bikes, overalls and polaroid camera's we can get a little glimpse into the childhood of our parents and grandparents. 

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23 January 2013 whimsical souls

Everybody has a whimsical side to them. A free spirited character with dreams of running through daisy fields, a crown of flowers draped around your head. 
Where the rest of the world slips away at the sight of an ocean, field or simply a piece of rich greenery. A life where organic foods and laughter flourish. 
Take fashion hues from Isabel Lucas and beauty ideas from Bambi Northwood Blythe


22 January 2013 coolest kids in town

just some cool pictures of my favourite models to get you through the week. 
Why can't we all look that good without makeup?

19 January 2013 the very best of the spring 2013 campaigns

Proenza Schouler

Perfectly matching the s/s 2013 collection, this ad campaign is a blur of mismatched colours, and off beat objects, adding to the cool, quirky clothes that have been designed by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. Set in a vandalised building, with graffiti sprawled across the walls it's evident the kind of girl wearing Proenza Schouler this upcoming season will be cool, collected with a wild streak. 


And THIS is why Balenciaga is one of my favourite brands. With monochromatic hues throughout the runway show, they shifted that trend to the ad campaign, stripping the photograph of it's colour. With models posed casually, but oozing confidence the kind of girl, much like in Proenza Schouler's campaign, you will become once sporting a Balenciaga piece will be one of edginess and rock; much like Joan Jett. 

There is an elegance that is carried out throughout the Valentino ads, portraying their key materials from their s/s collection of studs, and clear jackets, shoes, etc. Their latest ad campaign gives off an icy, cold aura which isn't exactly eye catching or full of colour but instead is quite calming to look at. The simplicity is rather pretty; something that Valentino is known for, and masters. 


 Usually I am not too fussed about the Burberry campaigns, as I find them repetitive (hello good looking English models, with a preppy look dressed in Trench Coats), but despite the controversy around it I love how Romeo Beckham (yes the son of Victoria and David!) is adding a cheeky aspect to the campaign. It's fun, and fresh and shows just how fun fashion can really be!

Louis Vuitton

One of my favourite collections this year was Louis Vuitton, not for the clothes but instead for the runway show. If you haven't seen it, think yellow checkerboard, an escalator and models walking perfectly in tune with each other in pairs. It's basically the exact same thing as the campaign, but moving! I love the somewhat stiffness of this campaign, which shows elegance, and absolute poise. Each model is sporting a beehive do, and the whole coat-dress, matching skirts and shirts look is very 60's. 

Thank you for reading! If there are any other posts you would like me to write about,let me know!I love hearing from you all!

14 January 2013 fashion book review

Grace a Memoir by Grace Coddington

This book shows the extraordinary life of Vogue's Creative Director. Through her humble upbringing and her adventures through Paris as a fashion model all the way till her journey to Vogue, Grace writes in a witty and easy to read way. Her outspoken personality shines through the pages, which makes the book so much more raw. In this book, Grace expresses her opinions about The September Issue Documentary, Anna Wintour, modeling and even on her cats! Definitely a great read if you are as fascinated by her life as I am!

The Fashion Design Directory by Marnie Fogg

An A-Z directory of amazing designers! Includes clear pictures of collections from the archives, and shows how each designer label has grown in terms of designs, materials and style. Definitely great to learn about all your favourite designers if you are a fashion enthusiast!

Ultimate Fashionista The Young Hollywood Style Guide by Alana Wuff

Fun book focusing more on the styles of celebrities. Highlights the dominating style of each celebrity. Also includes the journey of celebrity designers in making their brand and influential stylists, editors and fashion figures in the industry. A good read for those who are wanting to learn more about the fashion industry. 

Vogue: In the Editor's Eye

A detailed description about some of the lesser known fashion editors in Vogue including shorten biographies about Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman and Phyliss Posnick. It also includes many beautiful fashion photography features, and quotes from those who have had a significant impact on Vogue.  Quite a detailed read, but for those who are interested in breaking into the fashion magazine industry this is a perfect read for you as it shows the journeys many of these people undertake in order to work at such an iconic and prestigious magazine. Also a great 'coffee table' book. 

I also am wanting to read the Kate Moss book. Have any of you read it? 

What are some other fashion books that I should try? 

11 January 2013 denim on denim

Ever since i saw a street style snap of someone wearing overalls over a darker chambray shirt I have been in love with the denim on denim trend. Obviously in this outfit I am wearing a simplier look but its so fun to play with different textures and colours of denim! Other variations of this trend include jeans, skirts, dresses, pinafores, shirts, jackets-anything denim. Mix it up, have fun! After all that's what fashion is supposed to be like, right? Of course I have also added the purse with THAT rottweiler print because roarrr I love it!

I found this really cool quote by Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, a former fashion director at Vogue, which I think pretty much sums up the attitudes people should have to fashion. She said: 'Fashion is not intetellectual. We are not doctors, youknow? We are working in fashion. It should be hot and fun. I love to have fun!'

I also am reading the Grace Coddington book! Have any of you read it? I think I may do a post on my thoughts once I am finished! I am also reading the Vogue: In the Editors Eye book which definitely fuels my dreams of working in magazines!

I have also been busy making an inspiration wall in my bedroom with all my favourite things! Take a look:

Until the next post!
Laura x

7 January 2013 january inspiration&model meetings

a few of my favourite pictures for january so far....

A few of my favourite things at the moment: holographic trend (especially the new range by Proenza Schouler); any campaign by Dion Lee; new Givenchy campaigns, lunch bag styled leather bags and seeing Alexander at Wang.

What you all been up to lately?

I am very lucky to have been invited for an interview at IMG model agency, as a model scout in Paris found my pictures after I sent them in! Cross your fingers that I was successful!