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14 January 2013 fashion book review

Grace a Memoir by Grace Coddington

This book shows the extraordinary life of Vogue's Creative Director. Through her humble upbringing and her adventures through Paris as a fashion model all the way till her journey to Vogue, Grace writes in a witty and easy to read way. Her outspoken personality shines through the pages, which makes the book so much more raw. In this book, Grace expresses her opinions about The September Issue Documentary, Anna Wintour, modeling and even on her cats! Definitely a great read if you are as fascinated by her life as I am!

The Fashion Design Directory by Marnie Fogg

An A-Z directory of amazing designers! Includes clear pictures of collections from the archives, and shows how each designer label has grown in terms of designs, materials and style. Definitely great to learn about all your favourite designers if you are a fashion enthusiast!

Ultimate Fashionista The Young Hollywood Style Guide by Alana Wuff

Fun book focusing more on the styles of celebrities. Highlights the dominating style of each celebrity. Also includes the journey of celebrity designers in making their brand and influential stylists, editors and fashion figures in the industry. A good read for those who are wanting to learn more about the fashion industry. 

Vogue: In the Editor's Eye

A detailed description about some of the lesser known fashion editors in Vogue including shorten biographies about Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman and Phyliss Posnick. It also includes many beautiful fashion photography features, and quotes from those who have had a significant impact on Vogue.  Quite a detailed read, but for those who are interested in breaking into the fashion magazine industry this is a perfect read for you as it shows the journeys many of these people undertake in order to work at such an iconic and prestigious magazine. Also a great 'coffee table' book. 

I also am wanting to read the Kate Moss book. Have any of you read it? 

What are some other fashion books that I should try? 


  1. I've been meaning to read the Fashion Design Directory book! Have you read Dior Couture by Patrick Dermarchelier? I love couture pieces :)

    The Kate Moss book is a must-read if you're any sort of Kate Moss fan :) I personally would recommend it!


  2. I'm reading the Teen Vogue Hand Book ! It's a MUST read for anyone wanting to go in the fashion world! Its a book that focusing on stories from designers,editors and all other people in fashion on how they got their job!

  3. ty for ur comment on our blog dear... Followed u via gfc (name good taste of life) Cant wait to follow us back... Hugs,

  4. thanks for this review! i have been wanting to read Grace a Memoir by Grace Coddington :) quite a fascinating personality :) xx


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