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1 January 2013 6 reasons why i love alexander wang

1. He really got appointed at one of the biggest fashion labels ever, Balenciaga which obviously shows all the big fashion people over there think he has some sort of talent. According to Francois-Henri Pinault, who owns the brand they believe Alexander Wang has the sort of street savvy ability to generate buzz. 
Alexander Wang

2. His spring/summer collection was probably the best collection I had ever seen. It was tough, with strong slashes and a lot of peekaboo skin. Not only were the clothes exemplifying the cool kid that Wang is known for, the presentation of the collection was something else. With the techno music and the 'cross' format of the runway the only thing that could have made the show even better was glow in the dark outfits. And yep, you can bet he did that too. 

3. Alla Wang. The gorgeous little niece of Mr Wang is probably one of the youngest people to be featured over street style blogs, and snapped up by photographers for her style. She has already been seen wearing Chanel, bomber jackets, creepers and of course her uncle's own collection. Damn. 

4. He is the reigning kid of cool, practically inventing the MOD (Model Off Duty) trend, friends with so many models all oozing the effortless rock aura that he does. Erin Wasson is among one his closest friends, also walking in various shows of his. The inspiration from his collections come from subways, people and of course New York where he is based. 

5. He is surprisingly affordable, with his T by Alexander Wang Casual line actually being something I could afford (That's a first). Instead of being $1000 for a shirt (Balmain I am looking at you), the early hundreds is more like it for Wang. 

6. His a family oriented guy, saying his Mum is is main inspiration and spending time with his gorgeous niece. Also his business is extremely family based, with family members helping out and encouraging him along the way. 

So that's 6 reasons why I love Alexander Wang. If I haven't convinced you then I don't know what will. 

Have a wonderful day, hope you are all enjoying the new year so far!


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  2. This is a great post and I LOVE Ella, Happy New Year!

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  3. happi new year!!

  4. Oh god I love him too and I'm so jealous of Alla!
    Thanks for following :) Im following you back via GFC xx

  5. I really really want to get some alexander wang pieces!! such a great designer! <3 xx

  6. Agree with every single statement- the man's just plain and simply epic!


  7. i love him too!he has such a huge talent!! i follow u dear :-)

  8. definitely one of my favourite designers

  9. Alexander Wang is definitely a man to admire. You've summed him up so well in this post. I can't wait to see what he'll do at Balenciaga. I'll be at the edge of my seat when he shows his first collection. Happy New Year, lovely! xxx

  10. beautiful blog)
    maybe we can follow each other?

    welcome :)

  11. i've seen that cute little girl all over the nets, not realizing she's alexander wang's niece! great summary of his 'qualifications'... i'm excited to see what he has in store for balenciaga.

  12. Aww the little girl is adorable!
    Great blog, I followed :)


  13. oh my gosh, alla wang is the most stylish, precious little girl ever, she is so darn cute!!

  14. niece is so cute:3
    following you:)

  15. I totally agree with you on this one!!!!
    Thank you for your nice comment! Following you!


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