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7 January 2013 january inspiration&model meetings

a few of my favourite pictures for january so far....

A few of my favourite things at the moment: holographic trend (especially the new range by Proenza Schouler); any campaign by Dion Lee; new Givenchy campaigns, lunch bag styled leather bags and seeing Alexander at Wang.

What you all been up to lately?

I am very lucky to have been invited for an interview at IMG model agency, as a model scout in Paris found my pictures after I sent them in! Cross your fingers that I was successful!


  1. Congratulations! That must be incredibly exciting! Love the inspiring photos :)

  2. cool! love the first pic, of freja. :)

  3. Love , love, love this! Great post the pictures are very inspiring.


  4. i love each and every one of these photos. and i loveed your wang post below, he is the best ever
    taylah x


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