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13 March 2015 catch-up

My, oh my it's been a while! Been drowning in exams and school work which are slowly robbing me of any possibility to have fun. I finished exams today, so I'm indulging in a Friday of doing absolutely nothing. Fashion month came and went before I could even catch my breath. Here were my favourite collections: 

-Jacquemus-loved the concept of 'child's play'. Who knew you could get such inspiration from cutting, pasting and painting activities that are undertaken in preschool. Inspiration really is all around. 
-Chloe-skinny scarves, waist coats, slip dresses and peasant blouses...very reminiscent of early 2000s Kate Moss, no? Skinny scarves are going to be the next big thing. I'm calling it. 

New music you HAVE to listen to: 

-Psychedelic Australian Rock Band 'POND'. I'm obsessed with their song 'Zond' (I've listened to it exactly 59 times over the last week. 
-The Drowners, fronted by the Welsh man of my dreams, Matt Hitt.
-Soko. Recently discovered this French beauty today, and she seems like the coolest person ever. Watch this video. 

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