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21 September 2013 details

Friday Night spent among a few of my favourite things!
1. Grace Coddington's 'Grace' Memoir. If you loved the September Issue (especially Grace's feisty attitude!) then you will LOVE this book. It gives a deeper glimpse into the somewhat concealing fashion industry; and outlines Grace's experiences with modelling, Anna Wintour and both British and American Vogue. It's a must read for all those wanting to work in styling or creative direction. 

2. Darling it's Chanel. I've never been a huge fan of Karl's collections at Chanel. They're a little too tweed-y and repetitive for me but I am a sucker for Chanel leather goods and beauty products. They exude elegance and whenever I am in the presence of my Mum's Chanel Number Five; or her (well mine now!) Chanel bag I immediately feel a little bit chic. And there's nothing wrong with that, is there?

3.  Leather pants. They go with everything and anything and are impossibly comfortable. 

4. My feature wall in my bedroom. The idea behind it; is to keep adding my favourite pictures to it from fashion blogs and magazines; until it starts to resemble one huge mood board. Haven't added to it in a while; but I'll keep you updated on thee progress!

5. Reading an issue of Russh. I keep all my magazines as I love going back and gathering inspiration form the editorials. 

6. Just chillin' with a few of my friends, Harper, Russh and Vogue. If only I could steal their fashion style. Sigh. 

7.  Work it. 


  1. I've been meaning to pick up a good read lately and it might just have to be Grace's memoir! It sounds like she's had a very interesting life


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