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21 April 2013 beach editorials

 A few of my favourite beach editorial shoots over the years. 
Okay I have a confession to make. I am not a beach person. Sure I like the occasional visit with friends; completed with magazines, coconut water and a cute bikini; but no matter how hard I try to convince myself to be that Aussie beach-y's not me. I am a city girl; and somewhat proud of it. 

That's why I love posting these pictures of these amazing models, who look so carefree and gorgeous, frolicking through the waves; and rolling through the sand. I live my 'inner-but-lack-of beach babe tendencies vicariously through them. 


  1. Loving these editorials! xx :)

  2. So jealous! I need a beach holiday asap! Also how killer is Kate Moss and her beach style in that last shot?


  3. Such gorgeous beach editorials! The photos look fabulous, I could really use a beach holiday sometime soon! :)


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