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19 April 2013 goals

My fashion dreams: 
For Dalliance Magazine (the magazine I co-founded, and am the fashion/features editor) becomes a success; and many people love to read it!
Check out the website here:

That I can open my own little boutique, and be a 'fashion buyer' having full control over the clothes that I see, the layout, pricing, etc.

That I can intern at some of my favourite fashion designers, magazines, PR companies, etc.

I can work at a successful PR company, planning events, and working with amazing brands.

I can work as a freelance stylist and fashion photographer; and travel the world doing this.

I can work at a fashion magazine; writing articles, reporting on fashion weeks, styling photoshoots, etc.

Have a little market stall where I sell all my online clothes!

What are your fashion dreams?


  1. your dreams sound like a dream, I'm sure you'll get there x

  2. For our magazine to be a great success. To intern with my favourite designers and magazines. To meet wang and grace. To open a modelling agency and scout some beautiful people, open my own brand and to of course become the next grace coddington!

    p.s. we are so going to new york one day and we will be on the front row of alexander wang!its a matter of life and death haha x

  3. I have many very similar goals And this autumn I will start to work towards them (moving to London then ! I wish you all the best of luck with yours and will be following your progress! Lots of love and support, Em xx


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