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12 February 2014 my guide to berlin!

What to see

Berlin Dome and the Brandenburger Tor are the most beautiful buildings in Berlin! Especially around Christmas time, the strip leading up to the Brandenburger Tor is decorated in the most beautiful Christmas lights I have ever seen!

The Berlin Wall is also a must-see, as well as all of Berlin's graffiti...not for every one but I loved it!

What to eat:

My diet in Berlin consisted of three things: pretzels, sausages and chocolate. Two of which are a must try in Berlin. First up, are the ever delicious German pretzels. Apparently they aren't actually a huge thing in Berlin but I had to try one anyways! Warm and salty are definitely the way to go! 

Currywurst and bratwurst are EVERY where in Berlin and I would highly recommend trying both currywurst and/or bratwurst (my favourite!) from street vendors or roadside cafes!

Where to shop:

Considering I am from Australia, I mainly went to the places which we don't have in Australia like H&M and Bershka. Shopping wasn't my main focus in Berlin, mainly because I was on a budget and considering I was all by myself without any family members I desperately didn't to waste money! Mitte and Alexanderplatz are definitely the best shopping spots, in my opinion. If you are in Berlin around Christmas time, like I was the markets around Alexanderplatz are gorgeous! Buy a cookie cake and warm sugared nuts to delve into the tradition!


Berlin is known for it's nightlife, and apart from its amazing history most of its tourists are there for it. Most clubs don't open until 1am, and carry through to morning light. 

Suicide Circus is a nightclub in Friedrichshain (which is where I stayed for the two weeks!), filled with electric music, neon lights and a guaranteed wild time.  


  1. Berlin is one of my absolute favorite cities. I am on a mission to get my husband there this year (we will be in another part of Germany in August, so I think a side trip may be in order). I love your guide and will definitely share it with him!

  2. I have been living in German for over two years now and I can totally understand why you adore pretzels :D Also thanks so much for your kind words on my blog! Your design is really nice and I like posts like these where you tell a bit more about own experiences :)


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