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7 August 2013 finer things in life

Currently the only two genres/types/styles of jewelry that I am really into is anything with stones (see the post here) and dainty, fine rings, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. I feel like they can be extremely personal with a meaningful charm attached to it; or simply something beautiful and modest to wear. I love the look of layering these necklaces, which can easily achieved with 2 or so thin chained necklaces of similar lengths. 

Despite my love of these little trinkets I can't exactly find any to suit my budget and uh clumsiness. I lose just about every thing smaller than my phone so spending over $100 on something so tiny probably wouldn't be the best choice. Although, if any of you want to buy one for your self I highly recommend check out Petite Grand  for their beautiful fine chain jewelry.

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  1. these are so simple and stunning... I'm in love now too!

  2. awesome pics, !
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