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17 October 2013 sleepy head

Feeling so exceptionally exhausted lately. I am feeling very overloaded and pressured by working on Dalliance, and I feel like I have too much of a work load especially since I have to go to school for eight hours a day whilst keeping up with the demands of organizing editorials, writers, story ideas, etc. I am in desperate need of a week of relaxation; and in a perfect world I would love to go to some kind of retreat in Bali or Thailand, or some beautiful country of that sort. I am not usually a fan of relaxation holidays as I get bored very easily, but a retreat filled with organic foods, massages, relaxing by the beach and reading a good book sounds perfect right now.

Considering an exotic retreat isn't exactly on the cards right now, I think I just need a good night sleep, and a day of doing absolutely nothing. 

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