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3 November 2013 kate & johnny

Angelina and Brad are what I like to call a 'power couple'. They hold widespread media attention and have captured the fascination of many. Their love affair is a public one; a romance which is envied by those all over the world.

 Each decade has one of these envied famous relationships. The 70s had Jane and Serge; the 80s had Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall and of course the 90s had  Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. 

She was the controversial model, who had a catching reputation for creating the 'heroin chic' look; and for influencing a new generation of 'anti supermodels';  models which didn't require the same bronzed, athletic bodies like Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson to be successful. 

He was the Hollywood heart throb; a string of arrests, high profile affairs and drug use well and truly earning him a 'bad boy' reputation. He was rarely seen without his cigarettes and leather jacket; and was a regular on the clubbing scene. 

They were the perfect match. 

Although the two only dated for four years; their dalliance was an intense and passionate one. Kate claims that she spent 'years and years of crying' over the broken relationship, when they split in 1998. 

Still to this day, despite Kate being married with a daughter and Johnny having two kids  there will always be a part of me that's longing for the day they finally make a full reunion, and things will be the way they were back in the 90s. 


  1. Such a cute post, they were incredible- check out our newest post x

  2. I love Johnny and Kate and them together!! they were the cutest.


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