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19 November 2013 boot scootin' baby

It's about time I did a thigh-high boots appreciation post. After all, they are one of three things  filling my mind at the moment ( among Breaking Bad and Dalliance Magazine's relaunch!)

I think they are one of those pieces that you love or hate; after all whenever something in fashion is forward and different you are sure to get a steady range of opinions. I happen to be on the furthest end of the spectrum, with this  one, my love for them perhaps nearing on 'obsession'. 

I think they can look perfect with everything and anything. Paired with mini dresses, skinny jeans or winter coats they will instantly add a whole 'I know about fashion, okay!?' vibe to your other words a whole lot of attitude and a hell lot of sass. 

After doing my fair share of research into finding the best pair, the Stuart Weitzman ones are pretty much as good as they get (if you can excuse the price tag!)

It helps that Kate Moss fronts the campaign as well. She could wear a paper bag, and she'd still probably sell it to me. 


  1. Thanks for your lovely post on my blog!! I love your blog and made sure to follow it on bloglovin. Your post are inspirational and look beautiful together! I love how regularly you post aswell! <3
    Kaya xx

  2. I love your blog!! And I love your post on the thigh high boots. It's weird cause I actually use to not like them because i thought they were trashy but I've realized that the only way it can we "cute" is it you pair it with the proper clothing. So I'm def a fan of them and plan on buying some as well in the near future. xx


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