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6 June 2013 grunge

I have to admit it took me a little while to get into the grunge trend. At first, after seeing Saint Laurent Paris FW 2013 I despised it.

But after my love of ripped denim heightened, I began to ease up to the trend a little, and now I can proudly say I am in love! I love plaid shirts tied around the waist, denim every and black beanies for winter. It's definitely one of those trends that you have to be careful with, to avoid looking trashy. Probably avoid a full on grunge outfits, and use slightly tailored pieces to balance out the grunge. And probably ditch the ripped tights (unless that's your thing!)


  1. It's not really my style but I think it can look great!

  2. this is the best grunge editorial I've seen since the 90s!


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