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22 November 2014 hedi slimane menswear

Psych Rock's New Rising

If your conversation with your friendship group is anything like mine, you'll know how much fun it is to predict what everyone in the group will do with their life, who they'll marry and what kind of mother they'll be. 

It's that idealistic dream of our future, which is what being young is all about. 

If I could 'pick' what my future partner would dress like, in a perfect world, I'll probably let Hedi Slimane take full control. 

I've never really paid attention to menswear collections, that is, until I fell hard for Hedi's designs at Saint Laurent. Mastering a balance of Texas-inspired designs and rock n roll carried throughout each piece, I've never been so into men wearing fringe, skinny scarves, open buttoned shirts, and well, dressing better than their female counterparts. 

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