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5 August 2014 let's go to schooool

Latest shoot for Dalliance Magazine, that I styled at my school in Sydney. 

It was obviously 'school girl' inspired, and I pulled the clothes from various PR Agencies the day before. All the people working on the shoot were actually under the age of 20, so I am pretty proud of the results considering that.

I love styling, and I am constantly learning and improving every time! I would've loved to get more interesting pieces in the shoot (i.e. wide leg trousers, pinstrips, lace up dresses, etc) but I didn't pull from enough sources...that's another thing I have learnt! You can never pull enough clothes for a shoot, right?

Photography: Ally Kazacos
Styling: Moi!

Comment if you would like to know clothing credits!


  1. I love the result! The pictures and styling look amazing!


  2. Superb styling! Well done. (:

    ♥ | | xoxo


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