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26 March 2014 hair chronicles

 There are three things that I highly dislike in myself:

1. The fact that I have not enough patience to master the art of cooking. I skip the 'unnecessary' steps, only to find out that they were indeed, very important, as my end product resembles something quite unidentifiable. Every time. Every. Fucking. Time. 

3. I wish I was into art. I would love to be that person that paints on their rooftop; overlooking the sunset, taking classes and falling in love with some arty, indie muso; with dark hair and  even darker eyes. I've probably been watching too many movie's, but that's kinda how it goes, right? 

3. I wish I was more risk-taking in the beauty department. My biggest risks are whether I'll straighten or curl my hair; or what shade I'll dye my hair (with the exception of dyeing my hair three times in a row in Berlin...don't judge. It's Berlin). Anyways, after months of admiring trends from afar (I'm still needing to try out a dark lip colour; or experiment with my Ella Bache fake tan I bought months ago) I've decided that I want to dye my hair platinum. And this time it's going to happen. 

Partly inspired by Montana Cox's recent transformation for Givenchy; and also inspired by my inner desire to be Swedish (and look like Elin Kling), I've decided to mix my look up a little, whilst I'm still young. 

Because I don't exactly want to be seventy, and dyeing my hair white-witch blonde, riiiighht? I won't be that cool. 

Anyways, if I don't chicken out, expect photos! Unless it looks terrible, of which you can then expect my favourite hats and headscarfs of the season!

Au Revoir! 


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