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15 May 2013 Editorial: Rabbit Heart

model: daphne groeneveld 
photographer: lachlan bailey 
stylist: naomi miller
make-up: benjamin puckey 

I first started to follow Daphne's modelling career after seeing her in the Dior Addict Ad (which I am sure many of you saw!) dancing around the French Riviera on the beach, and walking down cobblestone paths.

Then I went on to watch her Fashion TV interviews, and looked at a few videos of her behind the scenes and I have concluded that she seems to be one of the sweetest, most gentle models out there. This editorial definitely adds to her (seemingly!) quiet persona; and she looks beautiful and innocent. 


  1. she looks so gorgeous! she's so unique x

  2. she looked like angelina jolie in some angles. :)

    New post is up!
    XX, IamJenniya

  3. I know I say this about many models when I see their photo's, but I'm qyuite certain Daphne is te most beautiful out there. Because her inner beauty shines through x

  4. I love Daphne! She has such an interesting look. I love her exaggerated features.

  5. I love her! She is so damn beautiful! Amazing girl..!
    Love, Leo x
    Pompous Crackpot Notions

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