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31 January 2014 beauty wishlist

Beauty items I am desperate to try!

Clock wise:  Jo Malone perfume…because when Iris and White Musk are mixed together in a quaint little bottle you KNOW that’s going to be one good fragrance.

St Tropez fake tan: Ever since Kate Moss fronted the campaign, wearing nothing but a perfect glow I’ve been dying to try out St Tropez fake tan, for the colder months where my skin starts to resemble someone whose been living in an igloo their whole life. It 
also helps that ‘St Tropez’ in France is high on my travel bucket list…

Moroccan Oil: I’ve heard only good things about this magical treatment, and considering the state of my hair (after dying it multiple times in a row, straightening it and never cutting it!) I think it’s begging for something to take care of it!

Balmain Ivoire perfume: Why? Just LOOK at that bottle!

Basically anything from Aesop: It’s always on the ‘essentials’ list of stylists, bloggers, models and beauty guru’s list for skin care products; and being the  beauty  sheep that I am it’s only essential that I see what all the fuss is about!

Nars Bronzing stick: Because it’s every girls dream to have high cheekbones and a perfectly contoured face, right? And sometimes, unless you are Magdalena Frackowiak, we need a little help!

29 January 2014 IRRESISTIBLES

Irresistibles by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2014
Irresistibles by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2014
Irresistibles by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2014
Irresistibles by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2014
Irresistibles by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Paris February 2014

Budding stylists:

Do you ever see an editorial so good, it makes you more than excited for the future, with the hope that one day you can produce something just as good?


Well for me, this editorial does exactly that. With minimum makeup, and dampened hair the primary focus is on each dress, the delicacy and draping of each one complimenting each model's body perfectly. 


Models : Amanda Murphy (Img), Andreea Diaconu (Img), Tanya Katysheva (Next), Vanessa Axente (Dna) And Sam    Rollinson (Women)

Photographer : Mario Sorrenti (Artpartner)
Stylist : Jane How
Hair : Recine 
Make-Up : Aaron De Mey 
Manicure : Sheril Bailey 

valentina as kate

Umm, is this not the coolest thing ever? Dalliance cover girl Valentina Ruby, mimics Kate Moss's msot iconic 90s photo's shot by the amazing Natalia Parsonson's. 

The relaxed summer shoot perfectly does justice to the pictures that made Kate into the supermodel that she is today; and I can definitely see Valentina going down that path and gaining the same amount of exposure and success!

27 January 2014 alfie

Few images of Sienna Miller in the film 'Alfie'. Although the movie wasn't my favourite (I still thoroughly enjoyed it though!) I loved all the scenes with her character 'Nikki', Alfie's spirited and reckless girlfriend. Her dark rimmed eyes and messy blonde hair looked effortless, and let's just say she makes smoking look incredibly elegant... which can be hard to do!  

23 January 2014 anthony vacarello

If there is one designer that practically defines the word sexy, it's Anthony Vacarello. Not only are his designs incredibly risque (which I LOVE!) they also incorporate a rock and roll element, through silver hardware, pins and studs. I love how his clothes are so distinct, and they are so different to anything done before. Many designers go for the dark, brooding sexy aesthetic, like Gucci, Haider Ackermann and Alexander Wang (all my favourite designers!) but nobody quite does it like Anthony. He takes a simple black strapless dress and puts his own unique spin on it through fabric twists, cut-outs and asymmetrical hem lines. 

His clothes fit a certain girl, the one who lives in New York, her social calender filled with chic cocktail parties; an elusive aura surrounding her. She's the girl that doesn't sleep until the early hours of the morning,  attending the most glamourous events and always showing the most skin in the room. It's really no wonder he chose Anja Rubik to be his muse...she was practically made for his clothes!

21 January 2014 day dreaming

Am I the only one that visualizes little stories and dream lives for themselves? Mine are usually centered around living in New York with a few of my closest friends, and having a job that I love...basically just like Carrie Bradshaw mixed with Kate Moss's style and the amount of fun she has mixed with Christine Centenera's job. 

In the meantime, my days are consisting of hanging out with friends, watching scary movies and wishing I was in the FBI BAU (yes...influenced by criminal minds of course!) whilst the countdown back to school is on!