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10 October 2014 youth

Having just recently turned 17, I'm silently freaking out over the fact I have one more year before legally considered an 'adult'. 

Where did the time go??

It feels like just yesterday where I was having my 10th birthday, celebrating having turned 'double digits'. It scares me that humans have only 8 years of being a 'teenager' yet 70 or so years of being classified as an adult.* 

It may sound bizarre to you but I am honestly dreading my 18th birthday, simply because I'm so in love with being young. I'm at a time where life is exciting, and mischevious and possibilities are endless. I love the fact that my life is still yet to really begin, and my future is awaiting and yet to be determined. 18 means being treated as an adult, and after 18 comes less than 10 years of being seen as ''young' and 'naive'. Then shit really starts to get serious. 

So, alongside this collection of images, here's to being young, free and having fun!

*Side note: I know it sounds pretty damn ridiculous that I'm only 17 and having this not-even-a-quarter life crisis...perhaps it comes with young age ;)

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  1. Perfect collage, as usual!
    Lots of love, xx


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