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6 October 2014 free spirit

Images (clockwise): Shot by Magdalena Wosinka (top 2 images); Shot by Ryan McGinley; shot by Magdalena Wosinka; Dalliance Magazine Sept/Oct issue; Delilah Parillo; Shot by Harley Haskett; shot by Magdalena Wosinka; Dalliance Magazine Sept/Oct issue; Elle Australia May 2014 issue. 

If you knew me, you'd know that I wouldn't exactly be considered as a 'free spirit'. Although I am up for pretty much anything and I love to break the rules, I'm too much of a planner to just 'go with the flow'. I am very ambitious, and have huge dreams that I continuously feel pressure on to fulfil them. I also have a specific travel list, of places I want to see before I turn 25. These places include Europe (back to Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris and the Italy coast), New York and Rio De Janeiro.  With my intense desire to travel to these places and make sure certain dreams happen in my life, I need to plan them in advance just to confirm that they will indeed happen. 

So with saying that, the possible 'free spirited' side of me is diminished, in sheer fear that if I do not plan and save for my  certain goals they won't happen. 

However, this doesn't stop me from envying the lifestyles lead by so-called bohemians. Jessa from Girls, Erin Wasson and a character from a book I read when I was 12, whom I can't quite remember the name of. Something like Indigo, Storm, or something just as cool. Going wherever the wind blows, meeting new people and going wherever you feel, with no real end destination in mind. Maybe for a few months, I'll pull an Eat, Pray, Love and just head off into the Big Wide World. 

We'll see. 

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  1. Oh why do I love white hair so much!!!???
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