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13 September 2013 my thoughts on FW so far; amongst unrelated inspiration

Hello, hello! In with London, out with New York!
How have you all been enjoying Fashion Month, as I like to call it, so far? I've got to admit I was somewhat underwhelmed by NYFW. I felt that there were not many collections that I absolutely fell in love with; and some of my favourite NY shows, such as Phillip Lim left me feeling bored and uninterested. 

I liked to see that Victoria Beckham was doing something a little more different from her usual knee length body con dresses in preppy colours and ventured out into black and white with more softer, floaty looks. I've always been a sucker for the Beckhams (Genetically pleased, much?!) and Victoria Beckham, along with the Olsen Twins are the only people who, in my opinion, have actually made the transition from being in the show biz to actually being respected as fashion designers. Speaking of which, I loved The Row this season. Although the duo usually present a minimalistic collection; this season they opted for a more gypset feel; with flat shoes and across body bags; whilst still staying true to their luxurious aesthetic. 

I feel like such a traitor with what I am about to say; but to be honest Alexander Wang kind of let me down this season. Don't get me wrong it was a great collection; but I just feel like it was kind of lacking in something compared to his S/S 2013 collection. I felt his designs were a little basic; and didn't possess that cool downtown girl that he is known for. I wasn't really a fan of the inserts of his name into the bags, coats and dresses-give me any clothing piece with monograms or logo's and I'll run the opposite direction

Finally one collection that I was extremely pleased with was the Zimmermann S/S collection (who debuted at NY after presenting at Sydney's Fashion Week for years). As I have mentioned before I was lucky to do work experience with them; and I got to see the quality of their designs and fabrics up close. Their collection was inspired by a circus; and included theatrical clown-like collars, frills, polka dots, and pin stripes-whilst still maintaing to look polished and feminine. See there collection here

And yes I am aware that the pictures have absolutely nothing to do with the text. Just think of this post as a two in one-inspo + review!

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