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25 September 2013 low slung

Okay I have to admit, after looking through my personal pictures on this blog I must come across as quite a serious person....which I can assure you I am not! 

With summer quickly approaching, out comes the fun and fresh clothing (and yes clothing can still be fun whilst being black....right?) Anyways I have quite a new love for low slung belts. Not entirely sure-it's not exactly the most flattering way to wear a belt but I think it instantly transforms an outfit to look a lot more relaxed. 

I bought this black dress ages ago, originally at an awkward just-above-the-ankle length from a store I'd rather not mention*. I've now chopped it to just hit my mid-thigh and I'm loving it. 

*it was Supre. And yes I've cut off the tag and now tell people it's from the 90s. 


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