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9 October 2013 travel bug

Looking through these pictures I'm feeling a wave of nostalgia towards my previous holidays to Bali and Thailand. I love everything about these two places. From the undone, bustling atmosphere on the streets, littered with colourful shops and people weaving in and of each nook and cranny, to the quiet serenity of getting a massage in a beach hut or swimming in a waterfall after a hike through the forest. 

.I love being able to wear the bare minimum, i.e bikinis, floaty dresses and not much else! I'm not usually a water person but there is something about being in Thailand & Bali which makes me want to do nothing but lie by the pool  reading a magazine with a fresh smoothie, or lie in the clear blue water at Railay Beach (Thailand) for what seems like hours on end. 

My Island travel bucket list includes:
-Greek Islands
-The Seychelles
-The Maldives
-Fiji (went when I was younger and dying to go back!)


  1. love these pictures! especially the one with the swings at the sea.
    I'm dying to go to Maldives!

  2. I love the pictures, very beautiful. I now wish I was on a beach somewhere...or at least planning a trip! Thailand has always been so high on my list of places to visit, not sure where to start though. Do you have any recommendations for people going for the first time?


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