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Something that has been playing on my mind a lot lately, is the thought that those who want to work in the fashion industry=superficial and fake. 
 It really frustrates me when I hear little comments here and there about the fashion industry being a really mean and shallow place; and I am getting so sick of people judging others based on things that interest them. I have done lots of internships within the industry, and of course, like any profession there are the few people who aren't as kind as others but you will find that in any work place, no matter what job you chose. Some of the kindest people I have met happen to work in fashion and are far from being 'fake' like many automatically presume. I have found lately that some have made me feel somewhat worthless because of my dreams to work in the industry. I am not one who takes fashion too seriously. It's fun and it's exciting, but I also recognize it's not directly fighting against world poverty or helping care for those with terminal disease. Although I want to work in a creative world I still am desperate to try and make a change in the world and this can honestly come from anyone, in any industry. Just think of the girls at Sass and Bide who are putting their design skills to help raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation or the Fashion Fights Poverty foundation where it's main initiative is to help eradicate poverty through give designers and consumers opportunities to 'alleviate poverty through trade, skill-building and community empowerment'. 

I think making someone's passions and interests seem petty or trivial, simply because of a stigma held around that particular concept is unfair. 

I know people have different thoughts about this, but I am a strong believer that your actions do not define your character, to some extent. I think people are too quick to judge people's characters based on their appearance, what they are interested and certain actions they make; when their judgement could be further from the truth. Something I hear often around my school is that 'those who wear makeup are really fake'. This really angers me, because how does the fact that one wears makeup have any kind of indication of their quality of character? Someone could be the kindest, most selfless person in the world and without even getting to know them people automatically assume that they are superficial and fake if they like to wear foundation, mascara and some lip stick? 

Sorry about the rant! I am a happy person most of the time I promise :) 


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  1. I think it's easy to stereotype any industry. I think it's a great thing that you want to fight against this stereotype!


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