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9 March 2013 my favourite fashion week collections


 I was so proud of Alexander Wang; and his collection he produced for Balenciaga. He stayed somewhat safe; staying true to the classic roots of the historic house. So obsessed with the white cracked pattern that was an underlying aspect of the collection. My favourite outfit was the chic rib-material silver skirt and top (right). 


 I loved loved loved this collection! It was filled with gorgeous pressed wools, tweed and polka dotted sheer fabric that looks so pretty and delicate. I need that black dress! How amazing does the model look in it?

Alexander Wang:

 At only 29 years of age, it's safe to say that Alexander Wang's career has been amazing; and definitely inspiration for all wanting to follow in his footsteps. This collection had a 'boxing match' feel; with furry boxing gloves and 'Eye of the Tiger'  playing on the sound track. I loved the shape of the black ribbed (very similar to the shapes of his s/s 2013 collection!)

Giambattista Valli:

 A more relaxed, edgy collection; unlike the super feminine and elegant collections that we have seen in collections such as Chloe, Celine, Chanel, etc. Loving that flat shoes are a recurring theme in this collection and others! I bet the models are thankful about that!


 Okay; so I actually loved this collection; despite what some might say! It was moody and brooding; but I can definitely see many of the pieces becoming cult classics; much like the Rottweiler sweater! The sweaters and vests were so cool; and the sheer elements somewhat happened to look unique not trashy. 

Isabel Marant:

The shoes were pretty fabulous. The models looked like they were the popular kids in school; strutting down the street. It practically screamed 'street style'. I loved the easy-wear ability of it. But I have to change one thing. Isabel Marant; repeat after me: leggings are not and should not be pants. 

Philip Lim:

 The layering of this collection was literally perfect. Coats layered over jumpers; layering over skirts...I think he should write a 101 guide on how to do layering right. Retail sales from this collection will hit the roof!


 This collection has definitely grown on me; very much like the label! I love all the tribal/animal vibes that are always radiating from the collections. This collection had a strong Egyptian Goddess look coming from it! Want!


 I have loved Sportmax for a really long time and I have a strong belief that it should be more recognised. In this collection; stylish outer wear dominated the show; with so many different materials used (fur, leather, velvet, sheer, etc). Love that quilted coat!

Rag and bone:

 A huge focus on texture; this collection was the reason I am now desperately saving my pennies for a pair of leather pants [quilted or not; I'm not fussy ;)]


My Mum was absolutely obsessed with this collection; and I don't blame her! Phoebe Philo brought back the lady-like french fashion; that can make every woman wearing it feel a million bucks. Loved the calm colour pattern; and the beautiful silhouettes


  1. Great post!
    Love Isabel Marant and Chloe collection! :)

    Have a great weekend,

  2. Isabel Marant is perfection :)

  3. totally agree! Has been such a good fashion month!
    my fave was Louis Vuitton aswell!
    great pictures here,love the little summaries! perfect


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