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1 March 2013 dreaming

I am a dreamer. My diary is filled with countless entries of my goals and aspirations; and my head filled with visions of my ideal life. Even though my dreams to some are unrealistic; to me I am confident I can achieve those.  Even if I may be in serious debt, barely scraping together enough money for rent; if I have a job I love I will be content with life. 

I have been talking with so many friends about their dream jobs; and usually their ultimate job isn't the one that they are necessarily going to strive for because of somewhat lack of money/talent/or even inner belief.

So that's my inspirational speech done and dusted for the day; but I want to encourage you guys, my lovely readers, to strive for your passions. 

What are your dreams? Leave a comment below and chat to me!

Images from Wolfcub chronicles (new favourite blog!) Brydie Mack is an amazing photographer and stylist. Her blog is a collection of her work, her favourite images, and more. Plus she is so super sweet and patient! Check it out here

Other images from modelspersonal and tumblr


  1. I'm a dreamer too. Sometimes that means being realistic and chasing a dream that might not pan out...but hey, better to try than to give up before you start. Amazing inspiration pictures :)

  2. I'm definitely a dreamer too!


  3. what a lovely post! my dream is to work in fashion,no idea what job actually! just see where hard work and life takes me!

  4. you blog is great, dear!
    love, Yulia


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