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I know, I know lately all my blog really seems to feature is model files posts; and inspiration pictures. The truth is I am a picture hoarder. I have countless files filled with pictures of all my favourite things at the moment (old kate moss pictures, Alexander Wang, leather anything, Hanne Gaby Odiele and quotes from my new favourite movie 'The Virgin Suicides'.)

I honestly can't get enough of pictures; whether they be editorial shots; or just casual polaroid snaps. I believe a picture tells a thousand words; and websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr and even Instagram are taking over the social media simply because people love the inspiration that these snaps give us. A simple picture can take us into someone else's life; give us ideas of where we want to travel; what we even want to eat and drink. 

So I suppose I have now justified why so many of my posts are just filled with my favourite pictures...

Oh and most of my pictures are found on Pinterest; Wolf cub chronicles blog; and Oracle Fox blog. 

Till next post!

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  1. amazing post, dear. keep it up with such inspiring pics. :3


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