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13 July 2014 collective

Anyone know of any good fashion stylists? I love spending my free time searching through portfolio's of those I admire to learn about what fabrics work well together, different ways of styling pieces, what suits different sceneries etc. 

At the moment, I admire Ilona Hamer, Vanessa Traina, Christine Centenera and Ashley Charbboneu's styling...if you have any more to recommend I would love to hear it!

In the meantime follow my Instagram @stonefoxinterrupted to see all my polyvore styling sets!


  1. Gorgeous images, I really think your selection is fantastic and love how simple yet effective your layout is. Takes nothing away from the imagery!

    Do you have a tumblr or pinterest account? Would love to see more of these inspirational images.

    Em x

  2. great selection girl :) Thanks for your reply on my post.. I think you could improve your blog by making a side bar :)

    goodluck xxxx

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  4. Ahh. Such lovely pictures! (:



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