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30 July 2014 artist love: boris schmitz

I've never really been an arty kind of person. Despite my love for the fashion world, and all the creative aspects within it, I hated art and DT during Junior School...probably due to my lack of patience...I could never be bothered to do all the correct steps in need of creating the final piece, and would reassure myself that 'that step wasn't necessary' and go by my own rules to make something very, very average. Needless to say, I wasn't exactly my teacher's favourite student. 

Whilst many of my school friends like to spent their weekends checking out the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Sydney, I was just never interested. Fashion was more my forte. Art wasn't. 

That is until I came across the amazing Boris Schmitz's line drawings. How freakin' amazing are they? Lacking any sort of structure (which is what I love!) they are both effortlessly messy and rough, based off fashion models and personalities. 



  1. Beautiful. I admire both simplicity and complexity of the line. Just amazing.
    Lots of love, xx

  2. DUDE, thanks SO much for your amazingly kind comment. Your blog is awesome too, totally in love with it - you have amazing taste and a great eye.

    Mutual love for sure!

    xx Hélène

  3. Thank you very much! Can you also link to my tumblr blog and my insta both @borisschmitz


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