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26 June 2014 jerry hall

Instantly recognisable, with her arched brows and mane of golden blonde hair, she's granted bombshell status at first sight.  

Jerry Hall. 

She's the kind of woman who would have you up all night, attentively listening to her devilishly exciting life stories; whilst you secretly regret your straight-from-University-to-work life that most indeed live. 

Scouted whilst sunbathing in St Tropez, it's probably the most glamorous model scout story out there. The tale doesn't end there, with Jerry Hall getting up to god-knows-what whilst immersing herself in Parisian nightlife; living in New York City with fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and then of course falling for Rolling Stones frontman, Mick Jagger. 

The life, the life. 

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  1. love her. such a stylish person



  2. omg your blog is so pretty!!! I love your posts! Wanna follow each other?! :)

    love nora xx


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