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19 August 2013 jealousy

Okay this is extremely off topic, but whatever haha! I kind of like to think of this blog as an inspo diary-so not just all my favourite pictures, models, etc but also my thoughts.
I'm currently listening to the song 'Good bye' by Air Supply; and I am kind of in that mopey mood after a tough day at school-particularly due to the cattiness of high school.

I think jealousy is such a bad excuse to be rude to someone to be honest. Sure, I can understand if someone is being rude to you or purposely making you feel worse about yourself; but being mad at someone simply because you are 'jealous' of what they work so hard on or what they are passionate about? Doesn't really make sense to me but I guess you really don't know what goes on in someone's life to make them act like that. 

Anyways that is pretty much all that's on my mind at the moment. I am an extremely emotional and sensitive person so while many would just brush off things like this I really dwell on them-definitely a trait I need to change!

Going through the above pictures I have decided I NEED to get myself a body chain and also I really love the Miss Vogue shoot with Kendall Jenner. Yes, I know it came out like months ago but I love the styling in it, by the talented Romy Freedman. I am not the biggest fan of Kendall Jenner's modelling but I think this shoot is really beautiful-Australian fashion is really something special (despite what many may say!). I also cannot wait until the Miss Vogue Print Edition comes out! 

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