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16 July 2013 firstworldproblems

Okay, it's official. I am facing that I-have-no-clothes dilemma again. As an aspiring fashion stylist/magazine editor/journalist/PR agent/etc I find it rather hypocritical to myself when I walk down the street in something un-fashion-y. I feel as if I am insulting my future dream wardrobe when I finally (and hopefully!) start making a substantial income...or at least enough to afford the occasional Wang. 

Yes, this first-world-problem isn't exactly a rarity in society-I mean I bet my bottom dollar that you too have felt this more than once. Or perhaps you are one of those lucky people whose wardrobe rivals Emmanuelle Alt's; and you seem to have a different outfit for every occasion. Let me just gently remind you of how jealous I am of you.  

Anyways looking through inspiration pictures like the above both depress me and excite me. Mainly the negative knowing that I wouldn't be able to afford anything, not even half; but a tiny percentage of those mixed emotion comes from the excitement of knowing that one day I may be able to afford something actually designed by a specific person for a specific brand, rather than just fast fashion. 


  1. Lovely photos! I love Abbey with pink hair!

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