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9 February 2013 its time

It's time. After continuously refreshing the pages on both The Cut and Alexander Wang's a/w collection appeared! 

 The whole collection was slouchy, casual perfection, with a lot of grey on grey and fur in unusual places (including shoes and gloves!). A somewhat grey knit beanie-onesie type get up also appeared under jackets and coats. 

His whole collection looks extremely cosy with mohair sweaters and coats with a leather fur combination. Grey slouch sweat pants also appeared in a lot of looks paired with grey tops, and leather. I am feeling a grey on grey trend coming on after seeing it in numerous a/w 2013 collections! 

Overall the collection was dark and brooding with that undercover rock chic look. The slicked back hair and structured pieces avoid that grunge, care free feel and replace it with hard pieces full of elegant edginess. 

 Adore this coat! Love the touch of leather, and the majority of the fur makes it look so expensive (which it most definitely is) and luxurious. 

It's no secret that I am obsessed with leather skirts, and this one is no exception. The length indicates sophistication and the zips set it apart from any other leather skirt I have seen before. 

This was pretty much the only glimpse of actual colour (not counting grey and black!) I love the tan colour of the swing skirt, especially the length! I can definitely see the Olsen twins wearing this, as it fits perfectly into their 'hobo' look they are influencing. 

I am obsessed and in love with this print. It is somewhat similiar to those slashed cut out pieces that was the main theme in his spring/summer 2013 collection. Another resemblance to his last show is the cut of that shirt; that boxy with outward sleeves fashion. 

I love the muscle tee, and of course the fabric. The dress's (or is a skirt?) drop hem brings back memories from previous fashion era's where that detail was huge!

And on a finishing note, how happy does Alexander Wang look? Ahh it makes me smile!


  1. It definitely seems that dark and grungy is back for Alexander Wang this year! Feathered and leathered, an interesting combination!


  2. I agree with you on the tan skirt. I love Olsen twins!

    XX, IamJenniya


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