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19 January 2013 the very best of the spring 2013 campaigns

Proenza Schouler

Perfectly matching the s/s 2013 collection, this ad campaign is a blur of mismatched colours, and off beat objects, adding to the cool, quirky clothes that have been designed by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. Set in a vandalised building, with graffiti sprawled across the walls it's evident the kind of girl wearing Proenza Schouler this upcoming season will be cool, collected with a wild streak. 


And THIS is why Balenciaga is one of my favourite brands. With monochromatic hues throughout the runway show, they shifted that trend to the ad campaign, stripping the photograph of it's colour. With models posed casually, but oozing confidence the kind of girl, much like in Proenza Schouler's campaign, you will become once sporting a Balenciaga piece will be one of edginess and rock; much like Joan Jett. 

There is an elegance that is carried out throughout the Valentino ads, portraying their key materials from their s/s collection of studs, and clear jackets, shoes, etc. Their latest ad campaign gives off an icy, cold aura which isn't exactly eye catching or full of colour but instead is quite calming to look at. The simplicity is rather pretty; something that Valentino is known for, and masters. 


 Usually I am not too fussed about the Burberry campaigns, as I find them repetitive (hello good looking English models, with a preppy look dressed in Trench Coats), but despite the controversy around it I love how Romeo Beckham (yes the son of Victoria and David!) is adding a cheeky aspect to the campaign. It's fun, and fresh and shows just how fun fashion can really be!

Louis Vuitton

One of my favourite collections this year was Louis Vuitton, not for the clothes but instead for the runway show. If you haven't seen it, think yellow checkerboard, an escalator and models walking perfectly in tune with each other in pairs. It's basically the exact same thing as the campaign, but moving! I love the somewhat stiffness of this campaign, which shows elegance, and absolute poise. Each model is sporting a beehive do, and the whole coat-dress, matching skirts and shirts look is very 60's. 

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  2. Did you write these views? They are really good!
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  5. The Louis Vuitton campagn is amazing ! I really love your blog I'm suscribing right now

  6. I'm always drawn to the Burberry campaigns, even though they look all the same to me haha. I love how bright Louis Vuitton's is!

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  9. LOVE that Valentino ad! Need that clear trench.


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  12. Louis Vuitton for sure, such a cool concept x

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  14. lovely post! really interesting!

    I loved the Vuitton catwalk, it was mesmerising!

    The Burberry campaign I think is very cute and fun and little Romeo has a future as a model, he's amazing!


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