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6 September 2012 Christine Centenera

Christine Cenenera is the fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar, and also a celebrity stylist. She has become well known for her amazing fashion style, which has featured on many street style blogs, including The Sartorialist. She has worked as a stylist for Lara Bingle (whose style i also admire) and her favourite brands include Pierre Hardy and Ksubi.

I love her style so much! I think she mixed different textures and patterns extremely well, and always takes risks with what she wears. Usually she wears one piece which is very fashion forward, and the rest of the outfit suiting current fashion trends. I imagine a glimpse inside her closet would include a lot of different  textures such as lace, leather, studs and fur; and a whole lot of shoes!

Take a look at her amaaazing street style:
 File:Christine Centenera fur coat.jpg
File:Christine Centenera.png
File:Christine Centenera Prada necklace.jpg
File:Christine centenera paris fashion week josh goot dress.jpg
little details keep it interesting

I love her style! I also can't stop noticing her literally perfect shoe collection!


  1. I love her style too!:) haha especially the first outfit!

  2. Your blog is amazing :D we absolutely love it! <3 xo

  3. Love her style and the pictures. Thanks for visiting my blog:)
    xx Christina

  4. Hello :) Thank you for following my blog and leaving a lovely comment. To me it doesn't look like you need any tips as your blog is much more established than mine & looks absolutely wonderful. I love Christine's style in this post - I want all of her clothes! My advice would just be to blog about what you know & love. Also put yourself out there and chat to as many different fashion related people as you can. For example at the LDN VS launch, as soon as I told them I was writing about them in my blog they really helped me out and talked to me for ages - even giving me a press pack! Also at LDN's FNO when I was in French Sole and Anya Hindmarch (Anya post coming soon!) I chatted with their PR girls and they walked me through their collections and concepts so that I had the best info for my blog. Basically, just don't be afraid to ask! My blog is still fairly new though, so I'm still learning!

    I hope this is what you hoped for!

    Love Lucy x

    1. yes thankyou so much for your advice! x

  5. Wow, cool blog! I loved the 4th photo (colour block dress)! Judging by this and your other posts you have amazing taste :) Feel free to swing by my blog...

    xx Veronica

  6. Wow her style is gorgeous! This is a great post and fabulous pictures!
    Thanks for the comment and follow on my blog, I love your blog and am following you back!
    You are doing a great job with what you're doing here, keep it up!
    Let's stay in touch :)

    Stephanie xx

  7. Awesome!!

    Follow me?
    Instagram: @Gabglam

  8. Some amazing styles.


  9. That second dress is to die for! LOVE x

  10. words can't describe how much i admire her!


  11. Oh my absolute style icon! Great blog you have here lovely, keep up the amazing work!

    Check out



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