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21 August 2012 Love for these Chanel heels!

I don't know why, or what spurred me on to love these Chanel shoes but I do! I think they are from the Fall 2012 Collection, but have tried looking into it, but couldn't find them!
Anyway, I just think they are really interesting, and different! Something I love is the crystallized heel! That's something you definitely don't see in many collections! Most time shoes have a interesting and unique shoe, with the heel simple and basic, but Mr Lagerfeld definately mixed things up a bit! That's why he is a fashion legend!

What do you think of these heels? Love them or hate them?


  1. Your blog is wonderful! If you look on mine and use my email to contact me then maybe we can bounce some ideas off each other for making both of our blogs better... ;) Lets chat soon!
    xo J

  2. Hey girl, thank you for your kind words and for visiting "Classy Ever After". Your blog is very cool and I love the name:-)


  3. Just wanted to tell you I've been following you. ^^ I always go on your blog for fashion inspirations.

  4. you have an amazing blog! lots of inspiration :) these shoes are gorgeous, you could probably DIY a little lace onto some shoes :) x

  5. Killer shoes! <3

    I've found so much inspiration on your page and just started my very first blog! I'll be posting fashion/beauty/health/fitness tips, check me out :)


  6. Thanks for following! Your blog is awesome, and so are those shoes!



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